February 10, 2011 – Stanley

Being a Good Steward Matthew 25:19-23

Genesis 1 describes the Lord’s plan for creating the world. Each day, He accomplished His purposes and declared that what He had made was good.

Our plans are to be based on what God wants us to accomplish. That includes looking at how we handle our finances. The heavenly Father has provided us with our material resources and expects us to manage them wisely. The Bible has many verses about money that help us understand His perspective and guide us in setting financial goals.

Not everyone is inclined toward planning for the future. While some of us look ahead a month or two, others live day to day. Such shortsighted thinking can lead to high credit card debt, overdue bills, and inadequate savings. God wants to protect us from risky situations like these.

Some of us already have a financial plan in place, and it is proceeding well: college education, vacations, and retirement are being covered. We should be careful to keep His priorities in mind. Otherwise, we can become too protective of what we have. Luke 12:16-20 tells of a rich man who built bigger barns for storage instead of sharing what he had—and the Lord called him a fool. We certainly don’t want to be foolish in God’s eyes.

Seeking God’s priorities for our spending, saving, and giving will help us be good stewards who use His money wisely. Having a plan will help us stay on track. Imagine what can be accomplished as more of us follow God’s instructions for handling money and invest our resources in His kingdom work.

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