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Устами Джо Байдена американское «глубинное государство» и, шире говоря, мировая глобалистская «элита» назвала Дональда Трампа «худшим президентом в истории США». Что ж, функционерам глобалистов, конечно, виднее, кто для них худший. Эта их оценка сама по себе многое говорит…

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Sergey Ivanov, Vladimir Putin’s former chief of staff, currently on the Russian Federation Security Council, has weighed in on the “historical scale of the personality and achievements of President Donald Trump” in an op-ed for Eurasia Daily.

Through the mouth of Joe Biden, the American “deep state” and, more broadly, the world globalist “elite” called Donald Trump “the worst president in US history.” Well, the functionaries of the globalists, of course, know better who is the worst for them. This assessment of them says a lot, but it is especially notable in that it actually recognizes the historical scale of the personality and achievements of President Trump.

You just need to stand on the side of the world and correctly place signs – “by contradiction” – to see that Donald Trump, perhaps the best president in the history of the United States, is “modern George Washington .” If the first president of America fought to lay the foundation of the nation and state, the beginning of American freedom, then Trump fought and is fighting to preserve the legacy of the founding fathers, to defend freedom; for finally not becoming the last truly elected people, the President of the United States. He, like Washington, is the flesh of his people, 100 percent American, a classic self-made man, a living embodiment of the American dream. Trump is a successful entrepreneur, a man of action and a man of his word, he built America all his life and became its true national leader.

Not only the American, but also the world history of the last centuries hardly knows other examples when a politician, in fact, having no “party machine” at his disposal, was able to become the head of state and receive such phenomenal support from the people. It is significant that even amid the intimidation of the pandemic (which the globalists also used to disrupt Trump’s promising triumphant election campaign and prevent the consolidation of the American nation around its leader), many thousands of people gathered to meet with the president. What, some of the “world leaders” over the past half century can boast of at least something similar?

The scale of the personality and deeds of President Trump is also emphasized by the fact that not only the “deep state” of the United States, but all “progressive humanity” has taken up arms against him. The entire “international”, from the communists (from paranormal leftists-extremists to respectable Chinese comrades) and ending with Pope Francis, fought an undeclared war to destroy the American leader for all four years. It could not be otherwise, because the United States is the leader country of modern civilization, and without control over it, globalists cannot successfully build their own “new world order.” In 2016, they underestimated Trump and the will of the American people for freedom, and they had to put their “construction” on hold. In 2020, with the help of insolent deception in the presidential elections, the globalists from the “deep state” corrected their mistake and, demonstratively usurping the right to choose the American people, showed “who is the boss.”

And today, together with Biden, they celebrate not only BLM, Antifa and their “curators” like Soros and Pelosi , not only Merkel and Macronbut also “anti-democratic” regimes around the world, from China and North Korea to Venezuela and Cuba. In the United States itself, long before the “election” scam, almost immediately after Trump came to the White House, the “deep state” functionaries from both parties – not only politicians and “public figures”, but also civil servants, provided unprecedented opposition to all of his endeavors, did everything to suppress America’s impulse for Freedom. And President Trump, like a real American hero, a man of epic proportions, took the fight and virtually single-handedly confronted the global monster devouring the American state. And he won in this confrontation, in this, perhaps, the last “western” of American history. Fighting the “bad guys” from the “deep state”, he tore off their mask. The mask of “Freedom,

Having torn it down, Trump not only presented the “city and the world” with factual proof of the existence of the “deep state”, making explicit the symbiosis of socialists, liberals, “Christian” and other “democrats” of all stripes, coupled with their anarcho-green “antagonists”, but also forced globalists reveal their real goals. And now everyone can be convinced that the construction of Paradise on Earth is by no means included in these goals. Rather, one can see that the “architects” of the “New World Order” are pushing “humanity” in the opposite direction to Paradise. After all, what has been done against President Trump and against America is not only surprising, but clearly smacks of some kind of infernality. And the point is not only that the “Sacred Principles of Democracy” were demonstratively violated, that a fiction, a bait for the naive, an empty shell thrown out “at the first naughty”,

Even if we “discard emotions,” something else cannot but amaze: why, for what sake, to destroy a prosperous country? What did Trump do wrong? In the shortest possible time – phenomenal successes in the economy, millions of new jobs, rapid growth in incomes, the percentage of working wealthy people among Hispanics and African Americans has grown significantly, the number of abortions has dropped significantly, and illegal immigration has been limited. Phenomenal, tangible (in the hundreds of billions of dollars) successes in the international arena. Not a single war, on the contrary, – the consolidation of peace in the Middle East, the beginning of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. And against this background – the incessant evil hiss: “the worst president”, constant hysterics of “demshizy” and “demosher” of all colors of the rainbow, from the old Italian witch-prostitute to the fed clown artists and athletes-morons.

Comparison of these facts naturally leads to the question, why did President Trump not please the “deep state”? The fact that he is not a representative of the “minorities”? Just a successful white man. Today, for the leader of a “democratic” country, this is, of course, a “minus”, but there is no particular crime in this either. Or precisely by ensuring rapid economic growth, strengthening state institutions, protecting constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, traditional family, morality, and religion? But it seems that the “deep state” should be interested in the power and prosperity of the United States. Its functionaries cannot cut the branch on which they sit with their own hands, deliberately destroy the country in which the ruling class is constituted …

History, however, knows similar incidents. And you don’t have to go far for examples, just remember the democrat-reformer M.S.Gorbachev and his “teams” for the “restructuring” of the USSR. But the point, of course, is not about examples. As they say, an example is not a proof, it is a matter of facts, which, as you know, are a “stubborn thing.” Here is one of the more typical ones. Since at least the middle of the 19th century, liberals, socialists and other “friends of the people” have been preaching that “the economy is primary,” “plays a leading role in the life of society,” etc. This “Truth” has become a mantra not only for “scientists -economists “, but also the entire” enlightened “public. And what did we see in Trump’s case? It turned out that the “world elite”, which in words preaches “economy”, in fact is much more concerned about ideology and, in particular, the protection of LGBT rights and the freedom to promote homosexuality. This fact became apparent when, throughout all four years of Trump’s presidency, the attacks of the “Democrats” on him, despite all his outstanding achievements,

But what does promoting homosexuality mean? This is not just an abstract “destruction of the traditional family”. In fact, this is the propaganda of childlessness. That is, pushing the human race towards gradual extinction, towards self-destruction. The question is, what, the functionaries of the “deep state” do not understand this? Or precisely because President Trump got in the way of this propaganda, they wrote him down as “the worst president in US history”? And why did they inspire and pay for the BLM movement, pogroms and desecrations of churches, moral terror against the forces of law and order? To strengthen American statehood? Maybe other priorities of the “world elite”: feminism, “fight against racism”, “green economy”, in combination with the promotion of homosexuality, will contribute to the growth of the well-being of the American and other peoples?

All these purely rhetorical questions are nothing more than an indication of facts that have become literally outrageous during the “pre-election” (and “post-election”) struggle of the “Democrats” with President Trump. Their simple generalization leads to the conclusion that another historically significant consequence of Trump’s victory in the collision with the “deep state” – the American vanguard of the “world elite” is that “the secret has become clear” – the “long-suffering” “conspiracy theory” has received a clear confirmation and ceased to be a “theory”, but became objective knowledge. It has successfully passed the experimental test, and now it is no longer a “hypothesis”, but an observed fact. Those who wish can call the “conspiracy” a “conspiracy” or, more politically correct, for example, “a non-public agreement of the elites concluded to achieve goals that are difficult to formulate publicly.”

Whether the globalists will be able to build their “New Order” and put an end to History , whether President Trump turns out to be its last hero, the future will show. But even today, thanks to his historic victory, everyone who “has eyes” can see where the “world elite” is leading and who is serving. See and fight for your future.

Sergey Ivanov

Подробнее: https://eadaily.com/ru/news/2021/02/16/istoricheskaya-pobeda-prezidenta-trampa-vyyavlen-zagovor-mirovyh-elit?utm_source=smi2&utm_term=bae7cbcb-5fa4-4b12-b420-bc0fe2d65136&utm_content=89178#teaserType=middleNews&teaserId=9979058&columnType=middleNews&screenKey=primaryColumnScreen

Source: President Trump’s historic victory: a conspiracy of global elites revealed – Politics news, Europe news – EADaily

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