February 10, 2010

The Victory of Obedience JUDGES 7:9-25

God providentially orchestrated each element of His plan for Israel’s success. However, if Gideon had disobeyed even one divine command, his army would have suffered instant defeat. Although the Lord’s ways may seem risky or illogical, we can always trust His indisputable wisdom and rely on His mighty power.

God encourages the fainthearted. When the Lord commanded Gideon to attack the enemy, He also provided a way to relieve the leader’s fears. By following God’s directions, Gideon was led to the exact location where he would hear an encouraging message that caused him to bow in worship and arise with great faith.

God removes the things we depend on. Gideon was marching to war with only 300 men armed with trumpets, pitchers, and torches. Their manpower seemed pitiful, and their weapons useless for battle. With traditional means of victory removed, they could rely only upon the Lord.

God works in the other camp on our behalf. Everything is perfectly timed when God is in control—even the parts we cannot see. While Gideon was obeying each divine command, the Lord was working behind the scenes in the enemy camp to ensure victory for Israel. In the confusion and fear of darkness, their panic led to self-destruction.

The key to a victorious Christian life is obedience. The Lord will faithfully supply you with instructions for each step as you follow Him. His way may not be the easiest or the most comfortable, but it is always the best. As you rely on Him, He will lead you to victory.