February 18, 2010

God Makes Us to Be Like Him ROMANS 8:28-31

The Lord manifests His love for mankind in many ways, including a beautiful planet filled with creation’s wonders, the promise of His care and protection, and an offer of eternal life with Him. But have you ever considered that God also shows His care through the transformation of His children? The Bible tells us that He is in the process of conforming believers to the image of Jesus Christ (Rom. 8:29).

In the beginning, God’s design was to make humanity in His image (Gen. 1:26). But the plan seemed disrupted when Adam and Eve succumbed to temptation. Of all the privileges they forfeited—Eden’s perfect environment, harmony in relationships, and a pain-free life—the greatest loss was their likeness to the Creator. A sinful man and woman do not look much like their holy God. Since each of us has inherited the first couple’s “flesh” nature, we don’t closely resemble Him either.

God wasn’t surprised by this turn of events. His plan went on just as He’d always intended, in that He still provided salvation for mankind. Through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, sins are forgiven and the sinner is reborn as a holy and blameless person. The Holy Spirit enters each new believer’s life and begins molding the renewed heart and mind into Christlikeness.

Like any good Father, God is pleased by a child who resembles Him. He is glorified when we put Scripture into practice and act like Him, talk like Him, and live like Him. What could bless the Lord’s heart more than for you to bear His likeness to those around you?