March 8, 2010

The Holy Spirit’s Lesson Plan JOHN 16:12-15

The ways of God are a mystery to man. Only when we have accepted salvation from Jesus Christ and received the Holy Spirit can we begin to understand. The Spirit uses three methods to open our minds and fill our hearts with godly wisdom.

Revelation. This term refers to truth given by the Lord that cannot be obtained in any other way. The Scriptures are the most obvious example. Anyone can read God’s Word and even understand some portions, but only a Spirit-filled believer can begin to grasp the layers of meaning within the Bible.

Illumination. We use this word to describe the amazing moment when the Holy Spirit lights up our minds so that we understand God’s Word. If the Bible were any other book, we would be able to read it a few times and know it thoroughly. But the Lord reveals ever-deeper truths about Himself as we mature in our faith (Eph. 1:18).

Remembrance. The Holy Spirit reminds us of godly principles or biblical passages when we need them. He helped the gospel writers recall events and Jesus’ words many years after the fact. And he does the same for us when we could use encouragement, inspiration, or comfort.

The Holy Spirit illuminates believers’ minds so that they can recognize and comprehend God’s revelation. When we memorize Scripture and store up biblical insights, the Holy Spirit can dip into the “reservoir” to bring needed wisdom to our memories.