March 26, 2010

A Decision to Follow Jesus LUKE 5:27-28

Yesterday, we saw how Scripture answers the question, Who is Jesus? Once we have that information, we must decide what to do with it. Some may desire to ignore the truth of what they have learned, but that’s actually not an option. God calls us either to accept or reject Jesus as Savior; avoidance is actually a form of rejection.

How, exactly, can we accept Jesus in our life? We must believe in Him. This means placing confidence in the person of Christ, knowing that His death on Calvary’s cross paid for all our sin. This is not merely an intellectual understanding; rather, it is a total surrender to Jesus as the only One who can forgive our sins, thereby bridging the gap between us and the Father. When we receive the Savior, we immediately become children of the King!

Believers must also follow Christ’s ways. Allowing Jesus to live out His Lordship through our lives means yielding our will and desires to His. In addition, Christians are to worship Him. We ought to be so overwhelmed by His presence that our hearts and lips overflow with adoration.

One last thing, of course, is that we’re to share the truth with others. Just before ascending into heaven, Jesus commanded His followers to spread the good news of salvation to the entire world (Matt. 28:19-20).

We are blessed to have God’s Word readily available. And this benefit leaves no excuse for ignorance regarding the person of Jesus Christ. Once we know who He is, we must decide whether we will surrender our lives to Him. He longs for an intimate, personal relationship with you. Will you let Him?