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Charles Stanley – How to Stabilize Wavering Faith

Charles Stanley

Matthew 21:18-22

Allowing our faith to waver closes us off from God’s blessings. He cannot violate His own principle and answer a doubter’s prayer. In contrast, believers who have chosen steady faith can expect the Lord to give them what they ask—or something even better.

Stabilizing unsteady faith requires two actions. First, decide to believe that the Lord is trustworthy. Insecure feelings are tied to our circumstances, but our mind and heart can be tethered to the Lord instead. “I refuse to doubt my God any longer” should become the battle cry for Christians facing difficulty and pain. When the Deceiver whispers discouragement, we can tell him that we know who our God is and that He will do what He promises. Satan cannot argue with steadfast faith.

Second, get into God’s Word and meditate on His promises. When we ponder the Lord’s assurances, we absorb them into our daily life. As our mind and spirit fill with the Father’s thoughts, we begin to think as He does. Anytime we are feeding on Scripture, whether through a sermon, group Bible study, or personal reading, we should write notes and take time to meditate on the passage. Then, whenever harsh circumstances confront us and our faith begins to waver, we can recall God’s promises and stand firm in our decision to trust Him.

Believers who stabilize their faith pray specifically, in accordance with God’s promises. And from the moment the first prayer goes heavenward, we can live in anticipation of how He is going to answer. Faith is a great adventure.





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