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Charles Stanley – How should I wait upon the Lord?

Charles Stanley

Be strong and let your heart take courage.
Psalm 27:14

It is wise to wait upon the Lord in order to receive His clear direction for our lives, to keep in step with His timing, to prepare us for what He wants to give us in life, and to sift our motives.

But how are we to wait? What should be the attitude with which we wait? How can we position ourselves to receive His help?

God expects us to wait:

Patiently. Making quick decisions often means making wrong decisions and forcing action when God is planning a different approach and outcome. As difficult as it may seem, we must wait until we are certain God has spoken to us.

Quietly. We cannot hear God’s still small voice when we drown Him out with our clamorous anxiety.

Full of trust. Doubting God stymies what He wants to do in your life and for you. His Word and His promises are unfailingly true, and it honors Him when you live out your faith in trust and confidence in Him.

Steadfastly. It can be so tempting to act on impulse or to follow the advice of others. While God may use other people or circumstances to lead you, what you are hearing or experiencing must always square with God’s Word.

Courageously. Sometimes waiting requires the courage to suffer through difficult or harsh circumstances. God often strengthens us through trials, increasing our faith even as His hand undergirds us.

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