Kids 4 Truth International – Salvation Comes from God

“Arise, O LORD; save me, O my God: for thou has smitten all mine enemies…. Salvation belongeth unto the LORD: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah.” (Psalm 3:7-8)

Have you ever looked up at a magnificent sunset and thought about the God Who painted all those colors across the sky? Have you ever wondered what a skilled artist God must be? He created the whole universe, all by Himself! He is the One Who invented color! He chose the designs and patterns that we see in all the many kinds of animals, all the types of trees and flowers, all the unique faces in the crowds of people in every city. Not only that, but God has passed along some of His amazing creativity to human beings. Just think of all the talented musicians and artists and writers and craftsmen and engineers and architects and teachers who do their work with such skill and imagination. They all do different things and have different gifts, but God thought up all of them. God gave all of them what they have. What an amazing Creator we have!

We can look at Creation and believe by faith that it comes from God. We can look around us, or look up at that magnificent sunset, and say, “That is God’s handiwork. God did it!” But do you ever think about what God is still doing, or what other gifts come from Him? For example, we have to look at the Gospel of Christ and say, “That’s God’s work! God did this.” Only Someone as creative and all-powerful as God could think up the plan of redemption and carry it out.

Only God could come in human form, live a perfect life, die to save sinners, and rise again after spending three days dead in a tomb! Only God can give us the understanding and the faith we need to believe what His Word says about salvation. What a wonderful, creative God we have – He created us, and only He can save us!

In Psalm 3, King David is giving a testimony in song about how he called upon the LORD and realized that only the LORD could save him when he was in trouble. Once he realized that, David said (in verse 6 of Psalm 3) that he would not be afraid even of thousands and thousands of people – because he trusted God. God is the kind of God Who saves. He is the Source, the beginning, of all salvation. Are you trusting God’s salvation today?

God is the One Who saves.

My Response:

» Do I ever get the idea that I can “earn” salvation all by myself?

» Is it hard to keep in mind that God is the only One Who can save?

» How can I show my faith that salvation comes from God?

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