The Navigators – Leroy Eims – Daily Discipleship Devotional – Life Choices

Today’s Scripture: 2 Chronicles 21-25

Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? -Amos 3:3

In today’s Scripture passage, we watch an entire nation take a dramatic turn for the worse. This downward spiral is directly related to the marriage of the new king, Jehoram. While his father and grandfather had been godly men, 2 Chronicles 21:6 tells us that Jehoram “walked in the ways of the kings of Israel, as the house of Ahab had done, for he married a daughter of Ahab. He did evil in the eyes of the Lord.”

The Scriptures tie Jehoram’s marriage and his conduct together. The lesson is clear: The choice of a marriage partner has far-reaching effects. If you’re a young person feeling the tug of the Holy Spirit upon your life to serve the Lord, your marriage partner will either double your effectiveness for Christ or kill it. There is no in-between.

I heard of a young man whose wife is an encouragement and challenge to him. One of his unmarried friends asked him, “Where did you find a girl like that?” His answer was amazing. He said, “I asked God for a wife like that. Every day since junior high school I’ve prayed for God’s perfect choice for me. And God has answered my prayers.”

According to one recent book on marriage, the statistical improbability of a person finding the right mate is astonishing. The author based his mathematical calculations on six desirable qualities, including physical attractiveness, intelligence, and concern for others. He concluded that a person would have to meet more than fifteen thousand people before encountering one with all of the above requirements. If you consider other criteria like religion and age, the chances become even less optimistic. But we’re dealing with the faithfulness of God, not the chances of finding the right person.


Lord, I desire Your will for my life. Keep me in the palm of Your hand. Amen.

To Ponder

Are you asking God for His direction for your life?

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