Charles Stanley – A Passion to Proclaim Him


Colossians 1:28-29

What activities embarrass you? Maybe you feel uncomfortable singing in public, or your face turns red when you’re caught mumbling to yourself. Do you ever feel ashamed to talk about Jesus because you don’t want to risk ridicule or be seen as a fanatic?

Staying quiet may seem safe, but it results in wasted God-given opportunities to share the only news that can transform both life and everlasting destiny. Considering all the good things God has given us—forgiveness, eternal security, and the Holy Spirit—we should be eager to discuss Jesus Christ and His remarkable salvation.

Before Paul’s redemption, he committed great sin (Acts 26:12-18). He was a church persecutor who was transformed into a missionary by God’s grace. Nothing within Paul was worth saving, and he knew it. Consequently, the apostle never stopped praising and proclaiming the Lord’s love and salvation.

Despite the magnitude of Paul’s sin, he received no greater measure of grace than any of us. Had we lived a moral life by human standards before salvation, our sin would still have separated us from God. If we neglect this truth and forget Jesus’ transformative power, we may have no motivation to tell others what He’s done for us.

Instead of thinking we’re better than the unmarried couple living next door or an atheistic professor at the university, we must see them as Christ saw us—as sinners in need of salvation. It is essential for them to hear the gospel, and we’re the ones God can use to share it with them.

Bible in One Year: Numbers 28-30

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