Charles Stanley – Living in God’s Favor

Exodus 33:12-17

What comes to mind when you hear the word favor? While we use the term in a variety of ways—such as doing something to help a person or showing honor in some way—the biblical meaning is to show kindness or acceptance. As believers, we have experienced God’s favor toward us as a result of our salvation. But God’s favor also works in us and changes us.

Moses was a man who found favor with God, and consequently, his life and desires were changed.

Moses wanted to know God’s ways in order to know God (Ex. 33:12-13). Through Scripture, we discover how the Lord operates in people’s lives, what He desires, and how He works out His will in human history. As a result, we gain a deeper understanding of God and a greater love for Him.

Moses desired God’s presence (Ex. 33:15). When the Israelites sinned by worshipping a golden calf, God said that though He would send His angel before them into the Promised Land, He would not go with them (Ex. 33:1-3). But Moses didn’t want divine protection and provision apart from the Lord’s presence.

Moses wanted God’s favor to be a witness to others (Ex. 33:16). What made Israel a distinctive and blessed nation was their God. Without Him, they would be like any other people on the earth.

We must not only fight the tendency to take God’s favor for granted; we must also guard against desiring His blessings more than we desire Him. Think about how His favor has changed your life: Belonging to, knowing, and loving the Lord far outweigh any material provisions He can give.

Bible in One Year: 1 Kings 3-5

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