Charles Stanley –Speaking Through Finances


Judges 6:1-6

One of the greatest challenges to God’s rule in our lives is money. When we experience a great season of financial blessing, it becomes easy to feel self-sufficient, thinking we do not need the Lord for our success. In those times, God may have to get our attention in a painful way.

We see this in today’s passage. The people of Israel had become unruly and turned away from God. Therefore, He got their attention by touching them where He knew they’d feel it: in the way they provided for themselves. Specifically, He allowed hostile nations to completely ruin Israel’s livelihood—their crops—for seven years. This aggression all but destroyed their way of life.

What was the result? Judges 6:6 reveals, “The sons of Israel cried to the Lord.” That is, they turned back to God and pleaded for their relationship with Him to be restored. And what instigated this repentance? It was the Lord’s direct maneuvering and interruption of their finances—a reminder that they were dependent on Him.

Over the years, I’ve talked with many people who have gone through a similar experience. God granted them great success, but then they turned away from Him. So He removed the obstacle: their money. And more often than not, the result was a renewed passion for knowing God.

Remember, our Lord is a jealous God (Ex. 20:5-6). He will not allow even His own blessings to draw you away from Him. Prayerfully consider your priorities today. Ask God to reign supreme over your finances, and request the wisdom to manage your money with humility and His direction.

Bible in One Year: Ezekiel 40-42

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