Democrats use Hitler’s propaganda technique

Folks, I guess I should let this go.  But it still blows my mind that the American left is committed to branding Brett Kavanaugh, without a shred of evidence, a sexual predator for the rest of his life.  That is incredibly, cold, calculating and evil.

Adolf Hitler said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”  This propaganda technique has been embraced by the Democratic Party.  Here are three huge lies Democrats continue to invest billions’ worth of media in to deceive the public.  Big lie number one: America’s cops are racist and routinely murder blacks.  Big lie number two: Trump colluded with Russia to steal the presidency from Hillary.  Big lie number three: Brett Kavanaugh is a serial rapist.

Let’s address Democrats’ big lie that cops kill blacks for being black.  Harvard professor Roland Fryer analyzed over 1,000 officer-involved shootings across the country.  Fryer concluded that there is zero evidence of racial bias in police shootings.  Inner-city black communities are plagued by criminals, not police.

In 2014, over 6,000 blacks were murdered, more than all white and Hispanic homicide victims combined.  These blacks were not killed by whites or cops.  They were killed by other blacks.

Researching “deadly force,” a study by Washington University’s Lois James revealed that police are less likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than unarmed whites and Hispanics in similar threat scenarios.  Federal crime stats show that 12% of whites and Hispanics who die by homicide are killed by cops.  Only 4%of black homicide victims are killed by cops.

There is no government agency dedicated to protecting black lives more than the police.  Proactive policing in the mid-1990s had a huge impact, bringing down the inner-city murder rate and saving tens of thousands of black lives.  Democrats and leftists spread their lie that cops are racist, which caused cops to back off.  This resulted in violent crime back on the rise and black lives lost.  In cities with large black populations, homicides in 2015 rose from 54% to 90%.

Immorally, Democrats, fake news media, and Hollywood are still promoting the lie that black criminal Michael Brown was gunned down by a racist white cop while trying to surrender with his hands up.  Blood in the officer’s police car proved that Brown was shot while assaulting the police officer inside his car.

Leftists branding cops racist is a selfish, evil scheme to keep blacks falsely believing they are victims in a forever racist America.  Leftists’ message to blacks is that voting for Democrats is blacks’ only hope of keeping racist white America at bay.  A despicable Democrat get-out-the-vote campaign told black parents they had better vote or send their elementary students to school wearing bulletproof vests to protect them from racist white police.

Black Lives Matter thugs, funded by George Soros and anti-America groups, continue to ambush and assassinate innocent police officers around the country because of Democrats’ lie that cops kill blacks because they are black.

Democrats’ big lie that Trump stole the presidential election via collusion with Russia.  After two years of investigations, there is zero evidence supportive of this absurd Democrat lie.  Democrats presented their lie in such a way as to make voters believe that Russia tampered with the counting of votes, which is impossible.  Fake news media, Democrats, and Hollywood continued to promote their Trump-Russia-collusion lie 24/7 for the past two years, believing that American voters will come to believe it – making Trump’s presidency illegitimate.

Democrats’ big lie that conservative Brett Kavanaugh is a sexual predator/serial rapist.  This huge lie pulled out of thin air by Democrats is particularly heinous and cruel.  Throughout his 30-something-year career, Kavanaugh passed seven FBI background checks with flying colors.  Dr. Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago, does not remember the date, the place, or other crucial facts regarding her allegation.

Yet Democrats, fake news media, and Hollywood have decreed Kavanaugh guilty simply because this woman said so.  Daily piling onto their outrageous allegations, Democrats sought to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court by branding him a drunk who experienced frequent blackouts in which he participated in group rapes.  But get this, folks: while these allegations against Kavanaugh are obviously false, Democrats will promote their “Kavanaugh is a sexual predator/serial rapist” lie for the rest of his life.  How truly sick is that?

It bears repeating that leftists use liberal activist justices on the Supreme Court to force laws on voters against their will.  Kavanaugh on the court will give conservatives a five to four majority.  This is why leftists seek to destroy Kavanaugh, his wife, and his two daughters at any and all cost.

The midterm elections are only weeks away.  Clearly, Democrats’ big lies prove they are willing to sacrifice decency, morality, and human lives in their depraved quest to win and maintain political power.  Decent right-thinking Americans cannot possibly want Democrats in control of the people’s House and Senate.  The Democratic Party has become the home of the ultra-left and demonically evil.  It must be defeated.  My fellow Americans, please vote Republican in the swiftly approaching mid-terms.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Source: Democrats use Hitler’s propaganda technique

Charles Stanley – Christians at Work


Ephesians 6:5-8

Oftentimes Christians have the mistaken idea that their life is segmented into religious and secular, but God sees no such distinctions. In all we do, we are living representatives of Christ—even in the workplace.

In today’s passage, we’re told how to behave and what kinds of attitudes we are to have toward our superiors. Although these passages were written to a society that allowed slavery, these Christian principles that applied to Roman slaves still remain true for us today.

First of all, we are called to obey our employers with sincerity and honor. Although there may be times when we must choose to obey God rather than men, there is never a time when we should be disrespectful (Acts 5:29). If we’re tempted to speak badly of the boss or complain to a coworker, we need to remember this principle.

We should do our work as unto God rather than men. This is sometimes the only way we’ll be able to handle frustrations and unfair treatment. When we remember we are doing this for the Lord and He promises to reward us, it softens our heart and changes our attitude.

We must submit to managers even if they are harsh or unreasonable (1 Peter 2:18-23). Never are we more Christlike than when we suffer unjustly and bear up under oppression by entrusting ourselves to God. That’s when His favor rests on us.

In addition, our response on the job broadcasts a message about the kingdom of God. The Lord has placed us in this position—even if it is a difficult one—and wants us to be an accurate reflection of Christ.

Bible in One Year: Mark 1-2

Our Daily Bread — He Carried Our Burden


Read: 1 Peter 1:18–25 | Bible in a Year: Isaiah 41–42; 1 Thessalonians 1

“He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24

It’s not unusual for utility bills to be surprisingly high. But Kieran Healy of North Carolina received a water bill that would make your heart stop. The notification said that he owed 100 million dollars! Confident he hadn’t used that much water the previous month, Healy jokingly asked if he could pay the bill in installments.

Owing a 100-million-dollar debt would be an overwhelming burden, but that pales in comparison to the real—and immeasurable—burden sin causes us to carry. Attempting to carry the burden and consequences of our own sins ultimately leaves us feeling tired and riddled with guilt and shame. The truth is we are incapable of carrying this load.

And we were never meant to. As Peter reminded believers, only Jesus, the sinless Son of God, could carry the heavy burden of our sin and its weighty consequences (1 Peter 2:24). In His death on the cross, Jesus took all our wrongdoing on Himself and offered us His forgiveness. Because He carried our burden, we don’t have to suffer the punishment we deserve.

Instead of living in fear or guilt, the “empty way of life handed down to” us (1:18), we can enjoy a new life of love and freedom (vv. 22–23).

Lord, sometimes our guilt and shame can feel so heavy. Help us to release our past and its pain to You and experience Your peace, knowing You have carried it all and have set us free.

Jesus carried the burden of our sin so He could give us the blessing of life.

By Marvin Williams


Our natural instinct is to lash out against injustice. But Jesus’s example (which is what Peter called it in 1 Peter 2:21) calls us to higher ground. Notice verse 23: “When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.” Rather than returning what, arguably, His tormenters deserved, Jesus refused. In a sense, He chose to look up to the Father rather than down to those who caused His pain. Perhaps that was behind His prayer, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). In entrusting Himself to the Father, Jesus felt no need for retaliation.

For more on the cross, read The Mockery and Majesty of the Cross at

Bill Crowder

Streams in the Desert for Kids – Everyone, Come Now!


Joel 2:32

Jeremy was just about the meanest kid in town. He beat up smaller kids. He stole candy from the store. He picked on animals. He had even been in trouble with the law for some of the things he had done. Some people called him “incorrigible.” Incorrigible means that a person is impossible to correct. They are incurably bad, and punishment doesn’t seem to make any difference.

There have been some real bad guys in history, but even they are included when God said, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” If they had asked God to forgive their sins, he would have. Wow! Every single person who asks God to save him will be saved.

So when you are in a bad situation or facing a tough time, remember that you too can call on the Lord. He answers anyone—bad guys, good guys, in easy times, in hard times. There is never a reason to keep you from asking God for his salvation and help.

Dear Lord, You answer prayers, even from people who are so bad it seems they can’t be saved. But your Word says that anyone can come to you for help and salvation. Please remind me of that promise whenever I am in a tough spot. Amen.

Joyce Meyer – Solitude


And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone. — Matthew 14:23

Adapted from the resource Wake Up to the Word Devotional – by Joyce Meyer

Solitude is the state or quality of being alone or remote from others.

One of the things we need more of in our society is solitude. We live in a noisy, high-pressure, busy world, where more is expected of most of us than we can possibly do.

The world more than likely won’t change, but we can. One of the main things that combats and offsets stress is solitude or quiet.

I absolutely love quiet times! I have discovered that even five minutes of quiet and solitude can restore my soul to a restful place and relieve stress. It gives me time to actually breathe deeply and do nothing.

If you’re not used to quiet times, you may have to build up an ability to be quiet. If it is difficult for you, then start with a few minutes three or four times a day, and gradually increase your comfort level.

Solitude offers a great chance to rest and refresh your soul and spirit. You’ll be glad you learned to value this time.

Prayer Starter: Father, help me to take times away from the busyness of my day. Please remind me to plan moments of solitude when You can restore my mind, emotions, body and spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Campus Crusade for Christ; Bill Bright – Path of Blessing


“You know these things – now do them! That is the path of blessing” (John 13:17).

These words of Jesus are as binding on us who follow Him today as they were on the disciples who actually heard Him speak them.

You will remember the setting. Jesus had just washed the feet of His disciples as an example of servanthood that He wanted them to observe and to learn. And that is the lesson we do well to ponder: service for others.

Except for the good we can do others, in the power and with the enabling of God’s Holy Spirit, what really is the purpose of our being left here on earth? And miracle of miracles, when we do that which is right – serve others, in Christ’s name – our own personal problems seem minor and relatively unimportant.

Loneliness and depression have their quickest cure in the realm of helping others. No matter what our problem – physical, spiritual, or material – it is quite likely we can find others whose plights are worse. By giving of ourselves in their behalf, we forget about our own troubles, which are usually resolved in the process.

Simple, is it not, that we are to do those things the Lord commands us to do? When we read and study His Word, we can find our just what they are.

Bible Reading:John 13:12-16

TODAY’S ACTION POINT: I will not be content with just admiring the example Jesus has set before us, but will seek to obey His commands to be a doer if the Word as well.

Words of Hope – Daily Devotional – What Are You Arguing About?

Read: Mark 9:33-37

And when he was in the house he asked them, “What were you discussing on the way?” (v. 33)

My son is an only child. This state of affairs means that his upbringing has been dramatically different in some respects than that of his friends with siblings. For example, my son is often amazed (and disconcerted) when he spends the night at a friend’s house and observes how heated sibling arguments can become. Wishing that he had a sibling, he can’t imagine what dispute could lead brothers and sisters to battle one another with such ferocity.

One day on the way to Capernaum, the disciples get into an argument over who is the greatest of the disciples. Jesus, wanting to reorient their misguided zeal, gives them an object lesson about greatness. He takes a child into his arms, declaring that the greatest is the one who serves and the one who receives those whom the Father has sent.

The Christian church should lament the ways in which the mission of God has been hampered by the historical record of infighting that has characterized generations of Christians. Hundreds of denominations, church splits, and political fault lines that have sundered the body of Christ are testimonies to the energy we have spent in tearing one another down. What a difference the church could make if we realized that other children of God—despite important distinctions—are our siblings, heirs to the same Father and sinners redeemed by the same blood of Jesus Christ. —Duane Loynes

Prayer: Let the church be one, even as you and the Father are one.