Joyce Meyer – Receiving Correction


A fool despises his father’s instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is prudent. — Proverbs 15:5

From the book New Day, New You Devotional – by Joyce Meyer

Ask yourself how you react to correction or criticism. Try to be honest in your evaluation. Confident people who have validated themselves as valuable can receive correction without anger or a defensive attitude. God says only a fool hates correction (see Proverbs 15:5). Why is that? Because he should be wise enough to want to learn everything he can about himself.

Confident people can listen objectively to another point of view. They can pray about what is said and either receive or reject it according to what God places in their heart.

During the years I was filled with shame and guilt, I could not receive even a tiny word of correction from my husband. If he said anything that even remotely suggested he felt I needed to change in any way, I became emotionally upset, angry, and defensive. Dave would repeatedly say, “I am only trying to help you.”

But I could not get past how I felt when I was given his or anyone else’s help. If I asked him whether he liked an outfit I was wearing, I would get defensive if he said no. I could not even allow him to give me his honest opinion. If his opinion did not agree with mine, I felt rejected. I am grateful that those days are over. Everyone does not have to like what I like in order for me to feel secure.

It is absolutely wonderful to be able to approve of ourselves, because we believe God approves of us, even though others do not. It is good to be humble enough to receive correction, yet confident enough not to let the opinions of others control us.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I truly want to learn and grow—to become more like you. Help me to be more confident—knowing that You love and accept me—so I won’t be controlled by the opinions of others. I also ask for Your grace to humbly receive correction when it’s needed from You or other people in my life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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