Joyce Meyer – God Hears Our Prayers


Elijah was a man with a nature like ours [with the same physical, mental, and spiritual limitations and shortcomings], and he prayed intensely for it not to rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. Then he prayed again, and the sky gave rain and the land produced its crops [as usual].— James 5:17-18 (AMP)

From the book James: The Biblical Commentary – by Joyce Meyer

I like the fact that James makes the point that Elijah had a nature like ours. He was imperfect and displayed weaknesses, but God heard and answered his prayers.

He will do the same thing for us. Don’t let Satan convince you that God won’t hear your prayers because you have sinned. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God (see Romans 3:23), but we all may be forgiven and restored through God’s grace and mercy.

When we repent of our sins, God forgives them and forgets them. To Him, it is as if we never did anything wrong and have a totally clean slate. We should learn to see ourselves the same way and boldly approach God’s throne in prayer (see Hebrews 4:16), expecting Him to answer.

Prayer Starter: Thank You, Father, for Your amazing grace, mercy and forgiveness that allow me to come to You in confidence. Help me to run to You for help on every occasion, knowing that You delight in hearing my prayers and long to show Yourself strong in my life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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