Charles Stanley – Sunday Reflection: The Blessing of Creation


In the beginning, God created the world—a place for every living thing to flourish as He intended. And telling the first man and woman to be stewards of the earth, He gave them power to maintain harmony in His creation if they obeyed Him—or to bring discord if they didn’t.

As Jesus spoke, the crowd around Him surely recalled that God had charged their ancestors to take care of the earth—“to cultivate … and keep it” (Gen. 2:15). At the same time, the Lord’s first-century audience knew all too well what it meant to be oppressed, as their cities were occupied by military conquerors. In this context, imagine how they received His promise that the meek would inherit the earth. Maybe they envisioned their earthly oppressors falling to their knees before God. Or perhaps they imagined freedom and riches.

Think about it
• Consider how living in today’s world might influence how we hear Jesus’ words. Do you find your perspective affected by prevalent cultural messages? What does it mean today—in 2020—to be gentle, faithful stewards who’ll inherit the earth?

  •  What comes to mind when you think about inheriting the earth? Consider what it means both for you individually and also for the church.

Bible in One Year: 2 Kings 13-15

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