Charles Stanley –The Words of Our Faith


Hebrews 2:1-4

Some churches today avoid using biblical language to describe what it means to be saved, because the terms can be confusing. However, since God chose these words to convey the greatness of our salvation, we should not overlook them. In order to understand grace, it is essential that we grasp the following concepts:

  • Redemptionrefers to Christ’s payment for sin—in other words, His death purchased us for God.
  • Regenerationis a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, in which He gives us divine life and makes us into new creatures.
  • Justificationis God’s declaration that through our faith in Christ, we are righteous and acquitted of guilt for sin.
  • Forgivenessis the removal of our guilt; to accomplish this, Jesus went to the cross in our place and bore our sins (1 Peter 2:24).
  • Reconciliationis the restoration of a right relationship with God. No longer His enemies, we’re now His beloved children.
  • Sanctificationmeans to be set apart for God. It’s the process by which we grow in holiness and obedience.

The more you understand the depths of your salvation, the greater your awe, gratitude, and love for Jesus will be. So meditate on these truths and the fullness of your salvation, and let them fill your mind and heart today.

Bible in One Year: Joshua 4-6

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