Joyce Meyer – Excuses, Excuses


But they all alike began to make excuses…

— Luke 14:18 (AMPC)

Adapted from the resource Power Thoughts Devo – by Joyce Meyer

Moses made excuses when God called him to service. He said he wasn’t eloquent enough and could not speak (see Exodus 4:10). Felix made excuses when Paul was speaking to him about righteousness and self-control, basically telling Paul, “Right now is an inconvenient time. Can you come back later?” (see Acts 24:25).

When God invites people into a relationship with Him, many people come up with excuses because they simply don’t want to make the sacrifices required to follow Him. Even among those of us who are believers in Jesus, we still hear ample excuses for not serving Him fully. It’s time for us to deal with any excuses may have been making and start speaking truth, because the day will come when all of us will stand before God and give an account of our lives (see Romans 14:12). No excuses will work on that day, so let’s be vigilant to follow God’s instructions. You won’t regret it (see James 1:25)!

Prayer Starter: Father, please show me any excuses I’m holding onto that are keeping me from following You fully. Thank You for giving me the grace to follow Your instructions and stay in Your will for my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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