In Touch Ministries; Charles Stanley – The Believer’s Highest Honor

John 12:20-26

A tremendous contrast exists between what the Word teaches and what the world promotes. Our culture values power, leadership, and ambition, but for the Christian, serving God is our highest honor.

Sometimes people mistakenly think that only those involved in official church work are God’s servants, but every believer is called to serve the Lord. He places us in situations, vocations, and neighborhoods where we can have an impact for Christ. Think about the stay-at-home mom who raises godly children or a bedridden man who prays regularly for his church family. Though neither responsibility involves worldly power or recognition, both serve the Lord, and He is pleased by such faithfulness.

There are no unimportant positions in the kingdom of God. The type of service may change with seasons of life, but we’re always on duty for Him. To accomplish His purposes, the Lord uses whatever skills and gifts we have.

What an awesome privilege it is to be part of God’s work on earth. He doesn’t need our help, but He has chosen to incorporate our contributions into His master plan. Though we can do nothing without His enablement, He is honored by our service.

Bible in One Year: Isaiah 54-57

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