In Touch Ministries; Charles Stanley – The Need for Conviction

God uses discipline to convict our heart so we’ll be guided toward obedience and His will.

Hebrews 12:4-11

All children need discipline, but the method a parent employs varies from child to child. The reason is because each child is unique.

The same is true in God’s family—we all need His discipline. If we’ve wandered from Him, His hand of correction will feel heavy as He directs us back to the path of righteousness. This is called conviction. Its purpose is to awaken our awareness of sin so we will resume an attitude of obedience to our heavenly Father. 

Discipline is painful while it’s happening, particularly if we’ve resisted the pressure of conviction. But any wise parent knows that living with the consequences of foolish behavior teaches children valuable lessons about the importance of obedience. 

Left to our own devices, we’ll waste our life chasing after fleeting pleasures and self-centered desires. But when we’ve been trained by God’s discipline, we’ll reap the fruit of peace and righteousness. So let’s yield to the Father’s guiding hand as He draws us away from danger and back into the shelter of His protection.  

Bible in One Year: Acts 5-7

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