In Touch Ministries; Charles Stanley – The Way to Avoid an Empty Life

Only God can fulfill the yearning we have inside.

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

Many people appear happy and confident in public, but beneath the surface, they feel empty. Despite their attempts to fill life with pleasures, work, and impressive accomplishments, it’s all vanity. They have chased after fulfillment and purpose, but ultimately it’s been as futile as trying to catch the wind. 

There’s a good reason why life can feel empty. God created mankind with an internal yearning—one that He alone is able to satisfy. We cannot be fulfilled until we draw near to the Lord in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. As we come to know and comprehend the love of God’s Son, we’ll be filled up to all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:14-19). 

Yet if that’s true, why do believers sometimes feel empty? It could result from disobedience, a refusal to surrender to God’s will, or misplaced priorities as we seek fulfillment in the world rather than in God Himself. When our hearts are set on having circumstances work out a certain way in life, we miss out on the fulfillment that God promises to those who seek Him above all else. It is in His presence that we find fullness of joy and pleasures forever (Ps. 16:11).

Bible in One Year: Leviticus 14-16

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