In Touch Ministries; Charles Stanley – Weathering Our Storms

When God’s promises seem hazy, we must remind ourselves of His faithfulness in the past.

Mark 6:45-52

Yesterday we saw what happened when the disciples encountered a storm on the sea. They’d experienced many miraculous moments in their time with the Lord, but when waves battered their boat, it was as if they’d forgotten who He was. Their minds couldn’t recollect what they had witnessed about His power and purposes. Even the appearance of Jesus walking on the water did not bring immediate relief. 

When trouble strikes, we too sometimes forget what we know to be true about the Lord. We struggle to recall past answers to prayer, God’s faithfulness in earlier situations, and lessons learned in previous crises. Only the present seems real as our minds struggle with fears about the future and our troubled emotions prevent us from thinking clearly. 

Reading Scripture is the best way to remember biblical truths, but another helpful tool is a spiritual journal. It’s a place for you to document your pilgrimage with the Lord and specific details of how He’s worked in your personal life. This kind of written record can serve as a map to trace where you’ve been and how God has helped you along the way. Your current trial may be a new one—but you will be encouraged to look back and see God’s faithfulness and unchangeable nature over the years. 

Bible in One Year: 2 Samuel 23-24

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