Joyce Meyer – Words Are Fuel for Emotions

He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from troubles.

— Proverbs 21:23 (AMPC)

Words fuel good moods or bad moods; in fact, they fuel our attitudes and have a huge impact on our lives and our relationships. If we speak positive and good things, then we minister life to ourselves. We increase the emotion of joy. However, if we speak negative words, then we minister death and misery to ourselves; we increase our sadness and our moods plummet.

But thankfully, we can control what words we speak and the quality of our lives. Why not help yourself first thing every day? Don’t get up each morning and wait to see how you feel and then talk about every feeling you have to anyone who will listen. If you do that, you are giving your emotions authority over you. Instead, get up praising God for His goodness in your life. Let words of thankfulness fuel a life of peace and joy.

Prayer of the Day: Father, thank You that I can choose what kind of attitude I am going to have by choosing to speak words of life each day. No matter how I feel or what is going on around me, I’m going to encourage and strengthen my spirit, not my flesh.

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