Joyce Meyer – The Reward of Sharing Love

By this shall all [men] know that you are My disciples, if you love one another [if you keep on showing love among yourselves].

— John 13:35 (AMPC)

One of the best ways to share Jesus with the world is to simply show love to others. Jesus Himself taught on love and walked in love because that is what the world needs. The world needs to know that God is love and He loves each person unconditionally (see 1 John 4:8).

The Word of God teaches that God wants us to be committed to developing the character of Jesus Christ in our own lives and then go out as Christ’s ambassadors to the world (see 2 Corinthians 5:20).

To be His ambassadors, it is crucial that we have our minds renewed to what love really is. Love is not merely a feeling we have; it is a decision to treat people the way Jesus would treat them.

When we truly commit to walking in love, it usually causes a huge shift in our lifestyle. Many of our ways—our thoughts, our conversation, our habits—need to change. Love is tangible; it is evident to everyone who comes in contact with it.

Loving others does not come easily or without personal sacrifice. Each time we choose to love someone, it will cost us something—time, money, or effort. But the reward of loving others is far greater than the cost ever is.

Prayer of the Day: Lord, I know that loving others is not always easy, but I want to walk in love and love everyone I meet, with Your help, amen.

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