Kids4Truth Clubs Daily Devotional – Our Strength Comes from God

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

“Sarah, look back quick!” Eleven-year-old Eli grabbed his sister’s arm. “Look at the water,” he whispered. Sarah peeked out from behind her mother’s robe in time to see two great water walls crash down upon the Egyptians. Helmets and wheels flew into the foam.

Eli did not know which was scarier—rushing through the strong wind on the dry seabed or watching the waves now as they leaped and whirled in the first light. Earlier, trying to keep up with his father, he’d had the urge to run over and poke the Red Sea wall but thought it might suddenly break and pour over them.

Swallowing his screams, Eli moved closer to his father as they watched. “We will be safe on the other side,” Father had told him as they rushed along. But Father’s face had been like a rock, and his eyes had looked straight ahead.

Now Father gathered them close, turning them from the sight. “We are safe, just as Moses told us. Jehovah gave us strength to escape our enemies, and He will give us a refuge in our new home.”

You may never go through what Eli did, but there will be many times when you feel weak and afraid. Run away from the danger or fear, and run to God for help and strength. Eli did not have Psalm 46:1 (it hadn’t been written yet), but he did have God’s promise of safety and protection.

My response:

» Do I ever have a fear that I cannot tell to anyone?

» Do I sometimes think only adults can get help from God?

» Was there a recent time when I asked God for help and strength?

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