Kids4Truth Clubs Daily Devotional – God’s Way Is Perfect

“As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler [shield] to all those that trust in him.” (Psalm 18:30)

“Sometimes I pray for things that the Lord doesn’t give me,” Shannon told her Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Collins.

“I understand,” Mrs. Collins said. “Sometimes when I pray, I feel sure that what I’m asking for is going to be good for me. God knows better, though, and we can be sure that God’s plan for us is the perfect plan for us.”

The Bible says that the word of the Lord – everything God says – is “tried.” That means that God’s words have stood the test of time. The place where God’s words for us are recorded is the Bible. The Bible has been in men’s hands for thousands of years, but not once has it ever been wrong. There’s not one place in God’s Word where God said something that wasn’t quite true.

We, on the other hand, are wrong about things all the time. We can’t see the big picture, and so sometimes we don’t understand how God’s ways fit into the grand scheme of our whole life or for eternity. Only God knows how everything fits together. His way is perfect.

Our perfect God acts as a shield for us. We’re safe and secure when we trust in Him and follow His leading. When we step out from under the protection of our Shield, we become vulnerable to the fiery darts of the wicked.

God’s ways are sometimes different from what we would choose. But God’s plans are best in ways we can’t see, and following them keeps us safe. As for me, my own ways are sometimes wrong. But as for God, His way is perfect.

God knows better than I do, and His way is perfect.

My Response:
» Do I have faith in God’s ways or am I going my own way, putting myself outside of God’s protection?

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