Turning Point; David Jeremiah – Spring Forward: Be a Servant

And she arose and served them.
Matthew 8:15

 Recommended Reading: Matthew 8:14-17

Perhaps you have established patterns of daily prayer and Bible study, and you’re part of a good church. Yet you feel there’s something missing from your Christian experience. During the weekends of March, let’s spring forward with four additional opportunities, beginning with servanthood.

Kentucky pastor Jerrell White, who pastored for more than sixty years, passed away at age eighty, one month after preaching his last sermon and baptizing four new believers. His granddaughter said, “He modeled servanthood. I went with him many times to nursing homes or to visit people in the church. I saw the ways he and my grandma intentionally gave and visited and served and loved. He was always so encouraging. He modeled to us what a genuine Christian looked like. He studied God’s Word and he lived it out.”

This March, ask yourself if you model servanthood. How can you better live out God’s Word? Developing the servanthood habit may be as simple as letting a traveler exit the plane before you or picking up a piece of litter thrown onto a neighbor’s lawn. Often it’s the small things that enable us to spring forward.

Any good thing…that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now.
Henry Drummond


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