Joyce Meyer – The Faith Attitude

But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.

— Genesis 39:21 (ESV)

Although Joseph was being punished unfairly because he was jailed for something he didn’t do, the Lord was still with him, giving him supernatural favor and taking care of him. He proved that a person is really never too far gone, even if he ends up in prison, if God gives him favor.

No matter what happens to us in life, we can have favor with God and with other people (see Luke 2:52). But like so many good things in life, just because something is available to us does not mean that we will partake of it. The Lord makes many things available to us that we never receive and enjoy because we never activate our faith.

For example, if we go to a job interview confessing fear and failure, we will almost be assured not to get the job. On the other hand, even if we apply for a job that we know we aren’t fully qualified for, we can still go in confidence, believing that God will give us favor in every situation that is His will. God doesn’t want us to be afraid of the hardships we face in life. He is in control, and He will work all things out for our good if we love and trust Him.

Prayer of the Day: Father, I am grateful that I can depend on You to turn my weeping into joy. You are good, and You always bring good things. I wait on You and put my trust in You.

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