Presidential Prayer Team; J.R. – Mysterious and Miraculous


By all indications, it would be their last night on Earth. John G. Paton and his wife, both legendary nineteenth-century missionaries to the New Hebrides Islands, were surrounded by hostile natives who were about to burn them out of their mission compound and kill them. All night long, Paton and his wife prayed. The attack, mysteriously, never came.

A terror from God fell upon the cities…so that they did not pursue the sons of Jacob.

Genesis 35:5

It was a year later when the chief of the hostile tribe was converted to Jesus Christ. Remembering the terror of that night, Paton asked the chief why they had not attacked. “Who were all those men you had with you there?” he asked. The chief reported that he and his tribe had seen hundreds of men standing guard, wearing shining garments and wielding swords. Paton realized he and his wife had been protected, miraculously, by angels.

A similar account is found in Genesis 35 when a “terror from God” fell upon men seeking to harm God’s people. Are you living in fear today? God will hear your prayers – for your own protection and for the future of America – when you trust Him for the mysterious and the miraculous!

Recommended Reading: Isaiah 41:1-13

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