Presidential Prayer Team; J.R. – Grub Gratitude


In his entertaining memoir Roughing It, writer Mark Twain described the meal he received while traveling by stagecoach through the old west. “The station-keeper upended a disk of last week’s bread…and carved some slabs from it which were as good as Nicholson pavement, and tenderer. He sliced off a piece of bacon for each man, but only the experienced old hands made out to eat it, for it was condemned army bacon which the United States would not feed to its soldiers in the forts…then he poured for us a beverage which he called ‘Slum gullion,’ and it is hard to think he was not inspired when he named it. It really pretended to be tea, but there was too much dish-rag, and sand, and old bacon-rind in it to deceive the intelligent traveler.”

He provides food for those who fear him; he remembers his covenant forever.

Psalm 111:5

Though you may “say grace” before meals, it is easy to forget what a blessing it is to have plentiful and good food – a luxury far from certain in most of the world.

As you pray for America and celebrate your freedom today, take the time to express sincere and thoughtful gratitude to God for His generous and continuous provision in your life.

Recommended Reading: I Corinthians 10:23-33

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