Presidential Prayer Team; H.L.M.- Wondrous Works

When Brian Barcelona was 16, he thought he didn’t need God. But a friend had been inviting Barcelona to church for months. He finally consented when he was promised a free smoothie! But when Barcelona got to church, he dared God to touch him and prove He was real…and He did. “I felt so overwhelmed with love that I’ve never felt before,” he said. “I just started weeping and in that moment I encountered this God that everyone had talked about, and for once in my life it was actually becoming real to me.”

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!

II Corinthians 9:15

Two years later Barcelona had a vision that God was going to save the high school students of America. He started preaching in a Bible club of about six students; it quickly grew to 600 teens a month. Then Barcelona started an organization that now helps students start Christian clubs on their campus.

Thank the Lord today…and then daily seek opportunities to express to others the inexpressible gift of His love to you. When you do, pray that, like Barcelona, they would find their life purpose through a personal, genuine experience with the Lord. Then ask God to do the same in the lives of the presidential candidates.

Recommended Reading: I Chronicles 16:8-15

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