Presidential Prayer Team; H.L.M. – Legacy of Faith

Joshua was a brilliant military leader and a strong spiritual influence. Yet the key to Joshua’s success was his submission to the Lord. As a result, Israel remained faithful to God throughout his lifetime. In fact, after the Israelites safely crossed the Jordan River, Joshua asked someone from each of the 12 tribes to retrieve a stone for a memorial. Not only did Joshua build the memorial that He commanded, but he also built one in the middle of the Jordan. The purpose was to allow future generations to remember the power of the Lord.

These stones shall be to the people of Israel a memorial forever.

Joshua 4:7

The Bible is full of examples where God’s power has prevailed in the midst of chaos. So when your circumstances seem impossible, run to His Word for encouragement.Then write down the lessons you learn about His faithfulness. Share those milestones with the children in your life so they may understand His promises to them.

As you thank your Heavenly Father for His faithfulness each day, remember to intercede for America’s leaders. Pray they will return this nation to its biblical foundation and leave a God-honoring legacy to future generations.

Recommended Reading: Psalm 105:1-9

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