Presidential Prayer Team; J.K. – First With You

Bible commentator Matthew Henry wrote the following: “Calling on God supposes knowledge of him, faith in him, desire toward him, dependence on him, and, as evidence of the sincerity of all this, conscientious obedience to him.” None of this was happening at the time of the prophet Joel. He sounded the alarm. The impending devastation of the land by locusts, coming as merciless armies and leaving total destruction in their wake, caused Joel to appeal to Israel to “cry out to the Lord” and return to Him with all their hearts (Joel 1:14).

Blow a trumpet in Zion; sound an alarm on my holy mountain!

Joel 2:1

If there was true repentance, the affliction promised might not come. The possibility of that should have encouraged them to repent. God would certainly forgive His people. For the Lord “is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love.” (Joel 2:13)

The same is true today. Your gracious God looks for repentance from this nation – a people who, in great part, does not call upon the Lord nor desire or depend on Him. Let it be…in your life first. Then intercede for leaders and citizens alike to turn again to the God who guided the Founding Fathers to form a union with the freedoms enjoyed today.

Recommended Reading: Psalm 40:1-5, 13-17  Click to Read or Listen

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