Max Lucado – The Dinner Table 

It’s no accident that hospitality and hospital come from the same Latin word, for they lead to the same result– healing. When you open your door to someone, you are sending this message: “You matter to me and you matter to God.” Do you know people who need some healing? Singles who eat alone? Young couples far from home? Teens who feel left out? Seniors who no longer drive? Some people pass an entire day with no meaningful contact with anyone else. Your hospitality can be their hospital.

All you need are a few basic practices:

Issue a genuine invitation.

Make a big deal of their arrival.

Address the needs of your guests.

Send them out with a blessing.

Don’t listen to the voice that says the house, the meal, and the after-dinner mints must be perfect. Simply open your table, and open your heart!

From God is With You Every Day

For more inspirational messages please visit Max Lucado.

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