Max Lucado – You Make the Choice


Listen to Today’s Devotion

Would you forfeit your reputation to see Jesus born into your world? Let’s say you’re someone who enjoys the role of a “Christmas Christian.”  You sing the carols, attend the services—but once the season passes, you jettison your faith and re-shelve your Bible.  But this past Christmas, the immensity of it hit you:  Heaven hung her highest hope and King on a cross for me.  Radical thoughts have since surfaced—like joining a Bible study, going on a mission trip.  Your family and friends think you’re crazy.  They want the Christmas Christian back.  You can protect your reputation or protect His.  You have a choice.

Christ abandoned his.  No one in Nazareth saluted him as the Son of God.  Jesus “gave up his place with God and made himself nothing” (Philippians 2:7). God hunts for those who will do the same—through whom he can deliver Christ into the world!

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