Joyce Meyer – Be Proactive


O turn to me and have mercy and be gracious to me; grant strength (might and inflexibility to temptation) to Your servant…. — Psalm 86:16 (AMPC)

Adapted from the resource Starting Your Day Right – by Joyce Meyer

Jesus warned His disciples about all that He was to go through, because He knew it would be difficult for them too.

He said, “Pray that you won’t be tempted” (see Matthew 6:13Matthew 26:41). He didn’t say, “Wait to pray until you have been tempted, or until you have given in to temptation.” Jesus teaches us to be proactive, which Webster defines as “acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.”

Many Israelites had already died from snake bites before the rest of them finally said, “Pray for us, Moses, for we have sinned” (see Numbers 21:4–9). They should have recognized their need for God’s help much sooner than they did!

Don’t wait until you are in trouble to seek God. Ask Him to keep you from being tempted to sin today.

Prayer Starter: Father, I need Your help in every single area of my life. Please strengthen me so I can handle everything that comes my way today. Help me to be proactive when it comes to my relationship with You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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