Max Lucado – Move the Stone


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Standing in a cemetery,  Jesus issued a command, “Move the stone.”

There was no singing at the funeral Jesus attended.  Mourning.  Weeping.  Wailing.  People shuffled about aimlessly, their eyes full of fear.  The foreboding news reminded them of their own fate.  Another prisoner had been marched from death row to the gallows.  Lazarus was dead.

And Jesus wept—not for the dead but for the living.  He wept not for the one in the cave of death but for those in the cave of fear.  He wept for those who, though alive, were dead.  He wept for those who, though free, were prisoners, held captive by their fear of death.

Stones have never stood in God’s way.  They didn’t in Bethany two thousand years ago.  And stones don’t stand in His way today.  He called Lazarus out of the grave of death.  And He calls us out of the grave of fear.

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