Max Lucado – A Silenced Boast


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A Hanoverian countess was known for her disbelief in God and her conviction that no one could call life from a tomb.  Before her death, she ensured that her tomb would be a mockery to belief in the resurrection.  It was sealed with a slab of granite.  Blocks of stone were placed around her tomb.  Heavy iron clamps fastened the blocks together and to the granite slab.  The inscription read:

This burial place,

purchased to all eternity,

must never be opened.

However, a small birch tree had other plans.  Over the years it forced its way until the iron clamps popped loose, and the granite lid was raised.  Now the stone cover rests again the trunk of the birch.  Its boastful epitaph has been permanently silenced by the work of a determined tree…or a powerful God.

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