Max Lucado – God’s Sacred Delight


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One moment he was royalty; the next he was in poverty.  He was ridiculed and accused of a crime he never committed.  They killed him.  He was buried in a borrowed grave.

He should have been bitter or angry.  But he wasn’t.  He was joyful.  He was even joyful as he hung on a tool of torture, his hands pierced with six-inch spikes.  Jesus embodied a stubborn joy.  A joy that held its ground against pain.  A joy whose roots extended into the bedrock of eternity.

What type of joy is this?  What is the source of this peace that defies pain?  I call it sacred delight.  What is sacred is God’s.  It is not of the earth.  And this joy is God’s.  And it is a delight because delight can both satisfy and surprise.  And that’s the joy God can offer to you.

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