Max Lucado – The Infection of Sin is Universal


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No culture, no nation, no person sidesteps the infection of sin.  You can blame the plague of sin on a godless decision.  Adam and Eve ignored God’s will…and sin, with death on its coattails, entered the world.  The sinful mind dismisses God and becomes self-centered.  Sin, for a season, quenches thirst. But, given time, the thirst returns, more demanding than ever.

God refuses to compromise the spiritual purity of heaven.  Here’s the awful truth.  Lead a godless life, and expect a godless eternity.  Spend life telling God to leave you alone, and he will.  So what can we do?  Acts 16:31 says, “Put your entire trust in the Master Jesus.”  Christ not only became the sin offering, he overcame the punishment for sin—death—through his glorious resurrection from the dead.

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