Max Lucado – Hello, Contentment


Listen to Today’s Devotion

No cell phone?  No computer?  You’re kidding right?   “Not now, thank you, I’ve too much to do,” we say.  It’s crazy, since the reason we kill ourselves today is because we think it will make us content tomorrow!

But a funny thing happened on the way to the rat race that made me slip into neutral. My infant daughter had a stomach ache.  Mom was out so it fell to Daddy to pick her up. I started trying to do things with one hand and hold her with the other.  You’re smiling….you’ve tried that too?

I sat down, held her tight little tummy against my chest.  She began to relax.  Her little ear was right on top of my heart and she fell asleep.  She’ll never remember that moment, and I’ll never forget it!  “Good-by schedule,” I said.  “See you later, routine.  Hello, contentment.  Come on in!”

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