Max Lucado – God is Always Sovereign


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I love what Chuck Swindoll always says.  That “God is not sometimes sovereign.  He is always sovereign.”  The challenge that awaits us is to not give in to despair…to not do foolish things, but to trust.

The key question that we all need to be asking right now is, “What is God saying to us?”  I think He’s talking to the whole world.  I think He’s telling us that our priorities have gotten misplaced.   We need to dislodge those priorities and return to our heavenly Father.  I think He’s calling us back to Himself.  I do…I do.

Is this a signal of end times as some people are saying?  I do not know.  But I do know God is doing something in the world and He’s calling upon us.  He’s talking to the whole world.   And we are going to get through this.  It may not be quick.  It may not be easy.  But God is going to use this for good.

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