Max Lucado – Ask Your Father for Help


Listen to Today’s Devotion

In his fine book, The Dance of Hope, Bill Frey remembers the day he tried to pull a stump out of the Georgia dirt.  One of his chores as a twelve-year-old was to search for stumps of pine trees that had been cut down and chop them into kindling.  But there was one root system he just couldn’t pull out of the ground.  He was still struggling when his father came over to watch.

“I think I see your problem,” the dad said.  “What’s that?” the son asked.  “You’re not using all your strength.”  Bill exploded and told him how hard he’d been working.  “No,” the dad said, “You’re not using all your strength.”  When Bill cooled down he asked what his father meant, and the dad said, “You haven’t asked me to help you.”  You don’t have to do it alone, friend.  Present the challenge to your Father, and ask for help.  Will he solve the issue?  Yes, he will.

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