Presidential Prayer Team; P.G. – Prioritized Place


Do you ever wonder why it seems like you’re always facing one problem or another? Perhaps temptations get the better of you, or you’re driven to anger and bitterness because prayers seem to go unanswered. Could it be you’re not spending enough time reading your Bible?

The word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one.

I John 2:14

Today’s verse reminds you of one of the benefits of letting God’s word abide in you – you will overcome evil. Yet Scripture will only take up residence in your life if you let it in, and the only way you can do that is to prioritize it and give it the rightful place it deserves at the top of your daily routine.

During this holiday season, develop a new habit by setting aside specific time to saturate yourself with the gift of God’s love as found in His Word. Allow the abundance of His grace to flood into your soul. Memorize something new. Enjoy spiritual songs. Play a Scripture CD in your car. The more you abide in the Word, the more it will abide in you!

In a nation where many have lost their way, pray that this will be a season of discovering Jesus for who He really is – Savior, Lord and friend. Ask for this same discovery to happen among your nation’s leaders as well.

Recommended Reading: John 15:7-14

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