Presidential Prayer Team; C.H. – Song of Commitment


What is your favorite Christmas carol? O Holy Night ranks as many Americans’ favorite song, according to a recent study. It surpassed White Christmas and even The Christmas Song. O Holy Night is a song of worship about the glorious birth of God’s only Son. Whether they all realize it or not, Americans praise God when they sing this wonderful carol.

He was manifested in the flesh…seen by angels, proclaimed among the nations.

I Timothy 3:16

The practice of singing praises has been around for thousands of years. In early churches of the Bible and in worship services today, there’s a tradition of singing a hymn at the end of the service. These songs allow the congregation to affirm their acceptance of the message and commitment to do God’s will. Today’s passage is a portion of such a hymn. The author, Paul, describes how church leaders should behave and ends with a song, therefore leading the reader into acceptance of the message.

Take time today to read Paul’s message in its entirety, then focus on the hymn of worship. Reflect on the gift of Christ’s coming to the world. Ask God to help you live a life above reproach. Request the same for the leaders of this nation. Then sing a song of praise to signal your commitment to do so.

Recommended Reading: I Timothy 3:1-15 



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