Max Lucado – It’s a Shaky World


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It’s a shaky world out there.  Could you use some unshakable hope?  We live in a day of despair.  The suicide rate in America has increased 24 percent since 1999. How do we explain the increase?  We’ve never been more educated.  We’re saturated with entertainment and recreation.  Yet more people than ever are orchestrating their own deaths.  How could this be?

Among the answers must be that people are dying for lack of hope. Secularism reduces the world to a few decades between birth and hearse.  Many believe this world is as good as it gets.  But people of the promise have an advantage.  They are like Abraham who didn’t ask skeptical questions.  He plunged into the promise and came up strong.  (Romans 4:20 MSG)  Because God’s promises are unbreakable our hope is unshakable!

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