Max Lucado – God’s Truth Defines All People


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Every person you see was created by God to bear his image and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.  Imagine the impact this promise would have on the society that embraced it.  What civility it would engender.  What kindness it would foster.  Racism will not flourish when people believe their neighbors bear God’s image.

Will society write off the indigent, the mentally ill, the inmate or the refugee?  Not if we believe, truly believe, that every human being is God’s idea.  And he has no bad ideas.  High IQ or low standing—doesn’t matter.  First string or cut from the squad—doesn’t matter.  You are a diamond, a rose, and a jewel, purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ.  And because God’s promises are unbreakable our hope is unshakable!

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