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Max Lucado – A Human Being

Max Lucado

One night I was on baby duty and Jenna’s breathing slowed. I leaned my ear onto her mouth to see if she was alive. And when she burbled and panted, so did I. That’s when a tsunami of sobriety washed over me. We are in charge of a human being!

I don’t care how tough you are. You may be a Navy SEAL who skydives behind enemy lines. It doesn’t matter. Every parent melts the moment he or she feels the full force of parenthood. How did I get myself into this? Moms have thirty-six weeks of reminders elbowing around inside them. Dads, our kick in the gut comes later… but it does come. And for me it came years ago in the midnight quiet of an apartment living room—as I held a human being in my arms!

From Dad Time

Presidential Prayer Team; P.G. – Automatic Response


Last year in Muskegon, MI, a Navy SEAL veteran spoke to a group of 10-15 year old boys on how important it is to be disciplined, hard working and faithful in an elite military group. Anyone who has spent time in the Armed Forces understands discipline. A valued soldier has trained repeatedly in the same activities so ultimately his or her responses are instinctual and automatic. Survival depends on it.

I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.

Psalm 40:8

When you are in the center of God’s will, your subconscious desire is consistent with His Word. Your response, even under stressful situations, is automatic because you have immersed yourself in Scripture…memorizing, meditating, practicing. You are disciplined.

As with a soldier, that discipline is acquired over time. As the SEAL reminded the children, a goal without a plan is only a wish, and discipline demands consistency. If you have yet to establish a regular time of Bible study or prayer, start today. Intercede, too, for the spiritual discipline of those in government – and for those leaders who don’t yet know God’s amazing grace to find it personally in 2014.

Recommended Reading: Psalm 40:1-11